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Eco-parks in India Will Ensure 'Scientific' Handling of E-scrap
Time: 2016-12-14 17:58:05     Author: Administrator

India's ministry of electronics and information technology has decided to set up eco-parks in all states to facilitate e-scrap recycling, reports The Times of India. According to the ministry, every state will have eco-parks, where the environmentally hazardous waste like e-waste and other waste will be recycled and the precious metal out of the waste will be retrieved for reuse, and the bulk of waste generated by big institutions and offices will come to the eco-park. The eco-park will be selected by the state government from a private party to run it. The Nasscom Foundation estimates that India generates between 1.7 million and 3 million tonnes of e-scrap annually, of which mobile phone batteries account for some 30 000 tonnes, and as a rough estimate, Rs 100 crore (US$ 14 million) has been made available for establishing the parks. It have partnered with the state government so that the e-waste can be handled in a scientific way as currently 90% of such waste is going to the informal sector such as scrap dealers and rag-pickers.

Source: http://www.recyclinginternational.com/recycling-news/10186/e-scrap-and-batteries/india/eco-parks-india-will-ensure-039-scientific-039-handling-e-scrap

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