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Deposits Boost Germany's PET Bottle Recycling Rate
Time: 2016-12-19 18:00:51     Author: Administrator

Germany recycled 93.5% of its PET bottles in 2015, concludes a new study by Forum PET. The research identifies deposits as the main reason for the high recycling rate, noting that most consumers use reverse vending machines to return PET bottles. Forum PET also notes that the amount of PET being reused in new bottles increased from 24% in 2013 to 26% in 2015. Such developments are described as ‘impressive’ given the tough market conditions for use of recycled PET over virgin material. Germany’s success with bottle deposits contrasts with the collection systems in some US states. In California, for example, more than 300 bottle redemption centres have shut down in 2016. Meanwhile, programmes have been launched in Canada and the UK to boost plastic bottle recycling. Currently, an estimated 44% of all used plastic bottles in the UK are not recycled.

Source: http://www.recyclinginternational.com/recycling-news/10191/plastic-and-rubber/germany/deposits-boost-germany-039-s-pet-bottle-recycling-rate

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