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Proposed Waste Regulation Violates Chile's Toxic Waste Trade Treaty Obligations
Time: 2017-01-06 15:49:06     Author: Administrator

Recently, a new law named Regulation on the Transboundary Movement of Waste allowing the export of hazardous waste from Chile to other countries is under a public consultation process by the Ministry of the Environment of Chile. Basel Action Network, together with two Chilean NGOs -- FIMA and the Terram Foundation concerned that approval of the text of the new 'Regulation on the transboundary movement of waste', will violate its international legal obligations stemming from Chile's ratifications of the Basel Convention, the Basel Ban Amendment. They urge the government of Chile to fulfill its international commitments to end the transboundary trafficking in hazardous wastes. In August 1992, Chile ratified the Basel Convention, and in 2009 Chile ratified the Basel Ban Amendment on the occasion of Chile's entry into the OECD, prohibits the export of hazardous waste from OECD or EU states to countries not belonging to the OECD or EU.

Source: http://www.ban.org/news/2017/1/4/proposed-waste-regulation-violates-chiles-toxic-waste-trade-treaty-obligations

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