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Europe Improves the Implementation of European Environmental Policy Including Waste
Time: 2017-02-08 15:43:56     Author: Administrator

European Commission recently adopted the Environmental Implementation Review marking the beginning of a new process in improving how environmental laws are applied for the benefit of citizens, administrations and economy. The Commission will address with Member States the causes of implementation gaps and find solutions before problems become urgent in areas such as waste management, nature and biodiversity, air quality and water quality. This review package includes: 28 country reports which map national strengths, opportunities and weaknesses; a Communication summarising the political conclusions of the country reports and examining common trend; and recommendations for improvements to all Member States. The Review shows for example that waste prevention remains an important challenge for all Member States, while six have not managed to limit the landfilling of biodegradable municipal waste. Full compliance with EU waste policy by 2020 could create an additional 400,000 jobs and facilitate the transition to a more circular economy.

Source: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_AC-17-228_en.htm

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