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Laws and Regulations
 Republic of Korea
   Laws and Regulat...
    [Republic of Korea] Environmental Laws of Korea--Ministry of Environment, the Republic of Korea
    [Sweden] WEEE Directive in Sweden - Evaluation with future study, ISBN 978-91-620-8421-9
    [Sweden] Waste plan-From waste management to resource efficiency
    [Sweden] Policy brief - Environmental and Chimical legislation
    [Sweden] Low POP Content Limit OF PCDDF in Waste
    [Sweden] Discussion Paper - Governance Bottlenecks and Policy Options for Sustainable Materials Management
    [Sweden] A Guide for exporters of Used Goods
    [China] Measures on the Administration of Import of Solid Waste
    [China] National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes
    [China] Measures on Duplicated Form for Transfer of Hazardous Wastes Measures on the Management of Hazardous Waste Manifests
    [China] Proposals on Strengthening the Management of the Plastic Package Wastes along Main Roads, in River Basins and at Tourist Attractions
    [China] Amendment on the List of Toxic Chemicals Severely Restricted on Import and Export in China (Circular No. 80 [2006])


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