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Workshop on E-waste Policy
October 30, 2014, Beijing China
Time: 2014-10-31 18:02:31     Author: Administrator

On 30 Oct., 2014, Workshop on e-waste policy was held back to back with ICWMT 9 in Beijing, China, which was co-organized by Strategic Alliance of Technology Innovation of E-waste recycling industry, Environmental School of Tsinghua University and BCRC China. About 60 participants from the governmental industrial and academic sectors such as Technology Centre of Solid Waste and Chemical Management MEP, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science, China National Resources Recycling Association and Household Electric Appliance Research Institute etc.,attended the workshop. The workshop aimed to provide a communication platform for e-waste stakeholders to share experiences and discuss the hot topic on e-waste polices, to provide technical support for e-waste management in China.


This workshop was hosted by Dr. Lili Liu from BCRC China, Mr. Yuwen Guo from Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science and Prof. Mingshun Zhang from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture respectively.    Firstly, Mr. Yang Zheng from Center of Solid Waste and Chemical Management Technology MEP gave the opening speech on behalf of Mr. Hualong Hu, Assistant to Director General, and gave the report on the situation of WEEE recycling management in China. Dr. Lili Liu from BCRC China introduced the e-waste generation, flow and development trend in China. Ms. Yan Cui from China National Resources Recycling Association, Dr. Xi Tian from Beijing University of Technology, Mr. Mingwei Shan from China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute and Ms. Lixia Zheng from Tsinghua Universtiy/BCRC China gave reports respectively on the development of compulsory collection directory of products and packaging, residents’ behavior, awareness, and willingness to pay for recycling scrap lead-acid battery in Beijing, research on WEEE resource utilization evaluation system and evaluating methodology in China and project introduction of globally recoverable and Eco-friendly e-equipment Network.

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