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Project for the development of a public private partnership for e-waste collection
Time: 2011-02-14 14:56:45     Author: Administrator


China is gradually becoming into a large country of electronic production and consumption. On one hand, Chinese electronic industry developed rapidly. On the other hand, since 2003 the amount of waste electronic and electrical equipment in china has peaked. Chinese government has already paid much attention to the management of waste electrical and electrical and electronic equipment, and competent authority has drafted some regulation in this field.

Presently, many formal treatment enterprises in china do not receive or collect sufficient quantities of e-waste to sustain their activities.

Some local competent authorities have investigated the issues and developed some good practices to solve these issues by involving local treatment enterprises, retailers, legal authority and consumers. In Qingdao, some treatment and management institutions have discussed how to establish partnership agreements with competent authorities after discussing and analyzing the situation of management of e-easte. Furthermore, the collection and treatment of e-waste programme in Suzhou from APFED showcase programme has improved public awareness of and promoted recycling, collection and treatment of e-waste in Suzhou. Through this program, industry and other stakeholders have been made more aware of and recognized the importance of such activities. As such, the present project will build on and develop the good experiences developed through the previous activities in Qingdao and in Suzhou.

1.    To strengthen and increase the flow of e-waste to the formal collection and treatment sector;
2.    To contribute to other related activities of UNEP/SBC where possible, e.g. the partnership for action on computing equipment
This project shall undertake six main activities in the pilot city, which include to investigate the e-waste life cycle, to consult with and engage relevant stakeholders, to achieve a multipartite agreement for ESM of e-wastes, to carry out ESM activities through the partnership, to monitor the collection and treatment practices under the partnership and then to share the experience and lessons learned within the region.


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