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China Fluorescent Lamps Collection and Treatment Demonstration Project (Project CFL)
Time: 2013-07-12 17:04:17     Author: Administrator

In June 2013, China Fluorescent Lamps collection and treatment demonstration project (Project CFL) was approved by EU. It was applied by BCRC Beijing/Tsinghua University jointly with University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Beijing Municipal Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Centre and Chengdu Academy of Environmental Sciences (Chengdu Municipal Solid Waste Management Centre) under the EU-China Environmental Sustainability Programme-lot2: Sustainable Solid Waste Management.

The activities of Project CFL mainly include collection, transport, treatment and recycling demonstration, baseline research and EU–China comparative study, national-level and municipal-level policy recommenndations, road-show to other cities seeking to better manage waste fluorescent lamps, dissemination conferences and others. The overall objective of Project CFL is to contribute to sustainable solid waste management and heavy metal pollution prevention and control in China. And the specific objective is to demonstrate effective approaches and improve the policy environment for collection and treatment of waste fluorescent lamps (WFLs) in Beijing and Chengdu, and to disseminate successful models. The period of Project CFL is 3 years. The main outputs of Project CFL will include: 8 demonstrations conducted in two Chinese megacities, 2 demonstrations of transportation and treatment of WFLs conforming to all relevant regulations and standards regarding pollution and recycling, national-level policy recommendations on collection and recycling of WFLs submitted and discussed with all relevant national policy makers, and others.

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