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Focal Point of Basel Convention
Time: 2013-08-08 12:34:39     Author: Administrator


Pursuant to article 5 of the Basel Convention, Parties are required to designate or establish one focal point to facilitate the implementation of the Convention.

A focal point means the entity of a Party responsible for receiving and submitting information to other Parties as provided for in articles 13 and 16 of the Convention (article 2).


Parties are required to inform the Secretariat:

  • within 3 months of becoming a Party, which agency they have designated as their focal point; and
  • within 1 month of taking such a decision, of any changes regarding the designation of this entity.


The Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention at its ninth meeting (June 2008) adopted a standard form for submitting formal designations of focal point and competent authorities to the Secretariat, including any modifications or additions as they occur. This form is available in all six official United Nations languages and can be downloaded in Arabic, Chinese, English,French, Russian or Spanish.

Procedures and processes of the Secretariat:

Parties are requested to send the form duly completed to the Secretariat of the Basel Convention by fax (+41 -22-797 34 54) or e-mail (sbc@unep.org). It is important to note that self-nominations will not be considered. 

The form must be completed by an entity duly authorized by the Government to communicate such information to the Secretariat, and the information transmitted will be included in the official records of the Secretariat as well as on the website of the Basel Convention (www.basel.int), as the officially designated focal point for the purposes of article 5 of the Convention. 

List of Focal points:

Please click here to access the list of designated focal points.

Source: http://www.basel.int/

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