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Function of BCRC China

1. Functions of Basel Convention Regional Centre


The role of the Center is to assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition, within their own region, through capacity building for the environmentally sound management to achieve the fulfillment of the objectives of the Convention.

   The explanations of the core functions of the Center are as follows
  1. Developing and conducting training programmes, workshops, seminars and associated projects in the field of the environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes, transfer of environmentally sound technology and minimization of the generation of hazardous wastes with specific emphasis on training the trainers;

  2. Identifying, developing and strengthening mechanisms for the transfer of technology in the field of the environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes or their minimization in the region;

  3. Gathering, assessing and disseminating information in the field of hazardous wastes and other wastes to Parties of the region and to the secretariat;

  4. Collecting information on new or proven environmentally sound technologies and knowhow relating to environmentally sound management and minimization of the generation of hazardous wastes and other wastes and disseminating these to Parties of the region at their request;

  5. Establishing and maintaining regular exchange of information relevant to the provisions of the Basel Convention, and networking at the national and regional levels;

  6. Organizing meetings, symposiums and missions in the field, useful for carrying out these objectives in the region;

  7. Providing assistance and advice to the Parties and non-Parties of the region at their request, on matters relevant to the environmentally sound management or minimization of hazardous wastes, the implementation of the provisions of the Basel Convention and other related matters;

  8. Promoting public awareness;

  9. Encouraging the best approaches, practices and methodologies for the environmentally sound management and minimization of the generation of hazardous wastes and other wastes, e.g. through case studies and pilot projects;

  10. Cooperating with the United Nations and its bodies, in particular UNEP and the Specialized Agencies, and with other relevant intergovernmental organizations, industry and nongovernmental organizations, and, where appropriate, with any other institution, in order to coordinate activities and develop and implement joint projects related to he provisions of the Basel Convention;

  11. Developing, within the general financial strategy approved by the Parties, the Centres' own strategy for financial sustainability;

  12. Cooperating in mobilization of human, financial and material means in order to meet the urgent needs at the request of the Party(ies) of the region faced with incidents or accidents which cannot be solved with the means of the individual Party(ies) concerned;

  13. Performing any other functions assigned to it by the decisions of the Conference of the Parties of the Basel Convention or by Parties of the region, consistent with such decisions. 

 2. Functions of Stockholm Convention Regional Centre  
  • In accordance with paragraph 4 Article 12 of Stockholm Convention, regional and subregional centres should provide technical assistance and promoting the transfer of technology to assist developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition to fulfil their obligations under this Convention.
  • According to the decision SC-2/9 of the Conference of the Parties, each centre must ensure consistency with the eligibility criteria, policy and strategy for technical assistance and transfer of environmentally sound technologies set forth in the annex to decision SC-1/15 when establishing its objectives and work plans in relation to the Convention. Particular attention should be given to addressing technical assistance needs identified by Parties with the objective of enabling them to implement their obligations under the Convention.
 3. Functions stipulated in "Cooperation Agreement on Developing National Hazardous Waste Management Training and Strategic Research"
  1. Carry out national training on hazardous waste management, and improve capacity of hazardous waste officers and operation level of hazardous waste management facilities in China;

  2. Conduct research on hazardous waste strategic, in order to strengthen the guidance for national hazardous waste management;

  3. Promote research on international conventions, management strategy and policies related to hazardous waste.

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