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Process achieves high-purity metals recovery from batteries
Time: 2015-01-07 18:17:58     Author: Administrator

Under the government-backed Innovate UK project banner, a 'complex multistage process' has been developed to extract valuable metals from portable batteries. As part of Innovate UK, battery collection firm G&P Batteries has devised novel grinding and classification technologies. The final process developed is claimed to be capable of extracting high purity (99.9%) metal oxides from high metal content wastes in a way that is competitive with current technologies as it is less energy intensive. 'The whole process is now available to be used by partners or third parties wanting to invest in the technologies that the consortium has developed,' says project leader Sandy Gunn. 'The CPI (Centre for Process Innovation) is currently in the process of attempting to secure a second round of funding to build on the work we’ve already completed.’

The project initially investigated cultivating and optimizing the growth of specialist micro-organisms to recover metals through bioleaching. Ongoing efforts to boost battery recycling are supported by the UK government's Technology Strategy Board while the initial proposal and development work was carried out by the CPI.


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