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E-Waste Recycling Ramping up in Israel Following New EPR Legislation
Time: 2015-02-27 15:43:39     Author: Administrator

Israeli e-waste recycling firm, M.A.I. – Electronics Recycling, exceeded its new legally binding e-waste recycling target for 2014 of 4700 tonnes by 300 tonnes, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post. The report explained that the Electronic Waste Law, which went into force on 1 March last year, requires M.A.I. to recycle around 15% by weight of the electrical equipment sold by importers making use of its services. The law itself had been subjected to a two-month delay following approval of the law’s regulations by the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee on 28 January 2014. By 2021 the report said that the E-Waste Law will require manufacturers and importers of electronic goods to recycle 50% of the total weight of the electrical and electronic goods they sell. To drive collection of e-waste the new law also requires Israeli businesses selling such goods are required to accept end of life electrical devices for disposal without additional payment when a purchases a new product of the same type. Under the legislation the cost of treating and recycling the e-waste collected is to be met by importers and manufacturers. The new law requires that importers and manufacturers of batteries to recycle 30% to 35% by weight of their sold products, dependent on battery type, by 2019.


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