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Current Situation of E-waste collection in China
Time: 2013-02-01 09:26:28     Author: Administrator

    The e-waste in China briefly comes from two sources, industry and society. E-waste from industrial sources mainly produced by the production enterprises of electrical and electronic, including the waste/defective productions and other wastes such as leftover scraps, while e-waste from social sources were produced by household consumption and office hardware, including all types of household appliances, computers and accessories, telecom products, office equipment, and etc.

    Waste electrical and electronic productions mainly flow to 1)the secondhand market to sell for sale to low-end consumers; 2) the western region, Hope Primary School and other specific regions through donations; 3) formal e-waste recycling facilities for dismantling, utilization and disposal.

    The existing waste electrical and electronic products collection system in China is a mixed system following the traditional path, driven by economic interests and under the guidance of national policy. The main collection channels include traditional individual collectors, secondhand market, repair store, treatment enterprises, and the Ministry of Commerce and other community recycling network etc. For a long time, China's e-waste recycling market is the spontaneous formation. The traditional individual collectors dominated the collection of e-waste, which is flexible, scattered and difficult to supervise. While the formal collection sector has limited coverage of the collection network, the recycling channel is not smooth, and the collection cost is high. At present, China has four groups of 106 enterprises through the waste electrical and electronic products processing enterprise fund subsidies audit. In 2013, 39.87 million units of waste electrical and electronic products were approved by MEP as collected and dismantled properly.

    At present, in Beijing and Shanghai city, the waste electrical and electronic products collection website was established. Such as Beijing residents can login in the website (, Shanghai residents can login in the website ( for trading of home waste electrical and electronic products. After the residents fill out the relevant information on the Internet, specialized persons from the formal treatment enterprises will provide free pick-up service. Residents could get points of the website to exchange for daily necessities or new small appliances.

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