Collection and Treatment Schemes for E-wastes
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Project title:
Collection and Treatment Schemes for E-wastes
Project duration:
March / 2008 - August / 2009 (18 months)


This project aims at forming a set of feasible operation systems to recycle and dispose of e-waste at pilot city in order to reduce, recycle, and dispose of e-waste (e.g. computers and printers) in an environmentally sound manner, and to improve public environmental awareness. Based on investigations on e-waste collection and treatment in selected countries and demonstration city, the scheme of collection and transportation of e-waste at city level was proposed and implemented in Suzhou. In order to test the scheme of collecting e-waste from its different sources at city level, two demonstration sites of collecting e-waste were installed in Suzhou and collection activities were conducted in these sites. The concept of the public private partnership on e-waste recycling was used in option design. In order to enhance environmental awareness on e-waste, the publicity activities were conducted in the demonstration communities and a university campus. The pamphlet on environmental protection on e-waste was made and delivered during collecting and publicity activities.

Report of the project Collection and Treatment Schemes for E-wastes  

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